Leveraging business information

Afrisoft EazyQuery is designed to help companies in warehousing, manufacturing and agriculture by compiling and presenting large volumes of data for improved usability.


– Create large volumes of data across multiple software systems and database?
– Need to translate this data into concise information?
– Want to improve accessibility and analysis of data from multiple databases?


Afrisoft EazyQuery provides a platform for users to efficiently present data for business analysis and communication to internal and external customers.

What is Afrisoft EazyQuery?

Afrisoft EazyQuery searches multiple external databases and presents information in custom tailored screen views with drill-down, print and export to spreadsheet capabilities. The query tool automates processing, publishing and email distribution of query reports on a schedule for internal and external users.

The platform presents predefined views of data, while users can dynamically group queried data and drill for deeper levels of detail using secondary queries. Dynamic view controls mean you no longer have to print lengthy and manually search for details, or dump data to spread sheets and engineer pivot tables to find information sets. Basic calculations are available and each view can be customised for users in different company departments. Access to views is controlled in User Security to protect confidential information. Afrisoft EazyQuery views may be printed from screen, published ·in spread sheets or in custom defined reports.

If you can define it, Afrisoft EazyQuery can help you make it a reality.

  • Predefined and customized data queries across AGRIS modules
  • Print query from the screen, print a report or move query data into spreadsheet
  • Use secondary queries to drill into deeper detail
  • Use calculations and dynamic grouping of query data
  • User security on each query view to protect sensitive financial information

Managers like the Afrisoft EazyQuery because it is the easiest and fastest way for them to unlock and publish business information.


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