AfriSoft’s TransLution™ Software

Take control of your production processes

TransLution™ Software makes managing complex production processes
in manufacturing & warehousing companies simple


– Find you can’t properly manage people and equipment?
– Battle to schedule and manage multi-step production processes?
– Struggle to find out what is delaying production? Materials? Resources? Labour?
– Have problems with production delays because a sub-job was not started on time?

With the aid of barcode scanners, RFID tags, scales, touch screen terminals or any other measuring device,
TransLution is able to capture and process real-time process information and then send this information to your business system.
TransLution is also able to generate a wide range of reports enabling you to make informed business decisions
as well as providing tracking and traceability of both bulk and discrete products in your production line or warehouse.

Improve your production efficiency, data accuracy and business control by using TransLution™
to identify and solve the problems in your existing production processes.

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