Comprehensive technological solutions to improve sales order checking and dispatch processes, ensuring effective and accurate business function.

Sales Order picking, checking and dispatch is a key function in any warehouse and distribution centre. If orders are not accurately picked and timeously shipped, the business is negatively impacted regardless of how well every other department functions.

Afrisoft has significant experience with assisting customers in improving their sales order checking and dispatch processes. From lawnmowers to bicycles, from cell phones to plumbing fixtures, we have enabled customers to improve speed and accuracy of their checking, packing and dispatch processes.

How we do it

We have customised sales order checking processes that range from small items that are picked from a pick face, to bulk items that are picked for use throughout a warehouse, and dispatch processes that allow customers to check items into parcels and create parcel labels and packing lists for delivery to clients.

Our solutions can assist with printing box labels, printing packing sheets, generating and printing invoices and dispatch notes, as well as update your ERP software and post data to your courier company.

We have also assisted clients to record serial numbers at the point of checking to ensure that high value items are tracked to specific items without enforcing the need to track serial numbers throughout the warehouse.

No matter your requirements, Afrisoft will work with you to create a system that not only improves your sales order checking & dispatch processes, but that fits within your organisation.

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If you have sales order checking and dispatch challenges, or you would just like to improve your process flow, contact us to talk about how we can help you.