Using specialised software, Afrisoft Africa can help you:

  • Expose and highlight hidden inefficiencies
  • Reduce costs and increase throughput
  • Provide your team with information and insights they can trust
  • Improve quality and customer service.


Unlike many solutions that are driven by finance and cost accounting, our approach is operations focused and driven from bottom to top, starting with the collection of data at the source. Data is automatically verified and integrated to the ERP system, then presented directly to the machine operators in an easy to understand actionable format in real time.

In this way, operators and supervisors can identify problems and make corrections before a problem becomes significant. This approach yields faster improvement and shorter ROI, as well as empowering operators in the continuous improvement of the processes.

We provide a complete solution, offering the tools and consulting required to realise improvements fast. We then work with you to maintain the system and help you realise the full potential of your plant.

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