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Contactim implements TransLution™ Software to post inventory receipts

Contactim is a South African company that manufactures rubber and plastic products, household and industrial cleaning products, plumbing equipment and more. Contactim exports to Madagascar, Namibia, Botswana and other African countries.

Contactim selected Afrisoft Africa to implement TransLution™ Software on a small scale in their KZN warehouse as a proof of concept implementation. After this successful roll-out, subsequent phases of the project will extend the TransLution™ footprint throughout the factory.

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Falke Eurosocks uses TransLution™ Software to capture production data

Falke Eurosocks South Africa manufactures fashion and sports socks for the local climate and very sporting South African culture. They also manufacture hosiery for ladies’ fashion.

The Falke Hosiery division has selected TransLution™ Software, implemented by Afrisoft Africa, to capture production data of stockings.

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Botswana Ash chooses TransLution™ Software for stock management

Botswana Ash (Pty) Ltd is a Botswana-based mining operation that produces soda ash and salt. As a major supplier to the South African glass industry, Botsawna Ash chose to implement TransLution™ Software to help manage stock.

Implemented by Afrisoft Africa, TransLution™ is used to record delivery of stock and update SYSPRO by posting Goods Received Note data and printing Goods Received Note documents. Stock can be received via rail or road with slight differences between how each is processed. For example, during road deliveries the truck registration number is recorded while this is not applicable to rail deliveries.

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Afrisoft improves business control for TWK Agri

TWK Agri is a leader in the South African agriculture industry, processing, trading and marketing food grains, timber and wood chips. TWK’s mission is to deliver value-adding products and services to the agricultural and related industries, as well as to the communities in which they operate.

TWK found that as they grew, they required better visibility and control over all aspects of the business. They realised they needed a dedicated software system that would meet their needs and approached Afrisoft Africa to assist in finding a solution.

Afrisoft chose to implement AGRIS as the management software for both trading and silo business, improving control and reporting on all aspects of TWK’s Grain trading business.

The Agris implementation project started with an in-depth business analysis. The software was then configured and designed to fit TWK’s needs and the way they do business. Afrisoft Shipment Manager was implemented to facilitate the logistics arm of their trading business and was also used to control deliveries at their silo sites. Traders Deal Sheet, a specialised trading solution, was implemented to assist TWK’s traders in creating consistent contracts for their clients that will fully integrate will all their management software for record keeping and control. All three software installations were then integrated into TWK’s existing ERP solution to automatically update the data.

Working closely together with TWK to resolve issues as they arose during the project rollout, Afrisoft has  delivered a solution to TWK giving them much greater level of control over all aspects of the business than before.

Weylandts utilises TransLution™ Software to improve receiving, picking and dispatch processes

Weylandts is an international furniture manufacturer and retailer. The organisation has eight retail showrooms in South Africa and one in Melbourne, Australia.

Weylandts chose TransLution™ Software to help improve receiving, picking and dispatch processes across all eight of their stores countrywide as well as their two distribution centres.

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