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Bravo Sleep Products implements TransLution™ Software to improve factory functions

Bravo Sleep Products, a division of Bravo Group, is produces four of South Africa’s leading mattress brands.  Their factory in Johannesburg has elected to use TransLution™ Software to perform three types of functions – Production Tracking; Automating Job Issues and Receipts; and Tracking Operator Performance.

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Lancashire selects TransLution™ to assist in managing manufacturing processes

Lancashire, a South African school wear and uniform manufacturer, selected TransLution™ Software to help manage manufacturing processes in their Cape Town factory.

The TransLution™ system extends from receiving and labelling raw materials into either the factory warehouse or a bonded warehouse. The Purchase Order receipts are then posted directly to SYSPRO.

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IB McIntyre Success Story

Grant Wise helps TransLution™ clients to improve operations

Afrisoft is expanding its service offering to TransLution™ clients. Grant Wise has joined the team to assist TransLution™ clients to improve operations within their business.

Our customers are successfully using TransLution™ to gather data and integrate it with the ERP system so that financial and operational reporting is aligned, reconcilable and reliable. By teaming up with Grant, we are now able to extend this functionality, offering front line operators visibility through graphs, reports and dashboards with actionable metrics to improve their performance.

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Marcom Plastics implements TransLution™ Software to manage job receipts

Afrisoft Africa has successfully implemented TransLution™ Software at a number of Astrapack sites. The latest of these is Marcom, a manufacturer of thin walled injection-moulded tubs, containers, lids and cups for the dairy industry.

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