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Bravo Sleep Products extends TransLution™ Software implementation into Namibia Plant

After a successful implementation of TransLution in their Johannesburg factory, Bravo Sleep has extended the use of TransLution™ to their Namibia plant.

This site uses the same TransLution™ database as Johannesburg and communicates directly via the scanners to a database in Johannesburg.

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Shoreline Beverages utilises TransLution™ Software to improve dispatch processes

Shoreline Beverages, a South African non- alcoholic beverage company, has successfully worked with Afrisoft Africa to implement TransLution™ Software on the dispatch portion of their business.

Once cases from production have been packed onto a pallet, a unique pallet label is printed. These pallets are then scanned into inspection and a SYSPRO WIP Job Receipt is posted.

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Vinimark works with Afrisoft, RSA Enterprise Software and TransLution™ to improve inventory management

Vinimark is the largest independent wine specialist company in South Africa, distributing and marketing more than 50 of the country’s best known wine brands. Vinimark chose to work with Afrisoft and RSA Enterprise Software in Cape Town, using TransLution™ to assist them in managing their inventory.

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Buffalo Tapes uses TransLution™ Software for warehouse management

Buffalo Tapes, a leading self-adhesive tape company in Southern Africa, boasts over 3000 tape products. With such an array of products, Buffalo Tapes chose to implement TransLution™ Software to help manage their Johannesburg warehouse.

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Bravo Sleep Products implements TransLution™ Software to improve factory functions

Bravo Sleep Products, a division of Bravo Group, is produces four of South Africa’s leading mattress brands.  Their factory in Johannesburg has elected to use TransLution™ Software to perform three types of functions – Production Tracking; Automating Job Issues and Receipts; and Tracking Operator Performance.

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