Rickard Air Diffusion has chosen Afrisoft and TransLution to assist them with tracking and managing working times on their manufacturing jobs.

Rickard Air Diffusion (Pty) Ltd was established in Cape Town, South Africa in 1979 with a staff of only two. Today it is South Africa’s leading producer and exporter of quality variable air volume equipment and controls. The company is privately owned, managed and directed by its shareholders.

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After our successful initial implementation, In2food Strand is extending the use of TransLution to include Raw Material Receiving; tracking transfers, issues and supplier returns; and extended manufacturing functionality including backflush of manufactured goods. The system will also perform basic quality control data capture.

The first project focussed on the dispatch process. Each Lug box was labelled with a customer label when it was picked for a sales order. As lug boxes were scanned onto dollies, each scan was validated and a dispatch note was automatically created in Syspro once all lug boxes for a given sales order were scanned.

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The Rhodes Food Group is rolling out TransLution at their finished product and dispatch processes at the Ready to Eat plant in Franschoek and will soon be extending the project to cover receiving of raw materials. TransLution is used to manage and track product movement through production, packaging and dispatch and to post transaction updates to Syspro. The Receiving phase of the project will implement scanning and weighing of pallets as they are received and posting receipt data to Syspro for GRN creation. The volumes of product moved means that it is not ideal to post transactions to Syspro in real time so the system will be implemented using our posting service to log all the transactions as they occur but then to sum the data and post it at a predefined interval in order to reduce ERP transaction volume.

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Mopani mine is rolling out TransLution through all their warehouses at both their Mufulira and Nkana mines. TransLution is used to scan all product movement into and out of all the stores warehouses and post transaction updates to Syspro in real time. Another project will implement scanning in the underground stores. Under these conditions, it is not possible to post transactions to Syspro in real time so the system will be implemented using our posting service to log all the transactions as they occur but then to post them only when communication to Syspro is established.

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There were a number of enhancements in TransLution 3.20. The most significant areas of change focused on the enhancement of the functionality around embedded visual basic, TransLution Visual Basic Provider or VBP. The RF scanner software was also improved both from an end user and a support point of view. For more information, please see our release notes

Melco Conveyor Equipment has extended their use of TransLution into their Bearing Housing and Assembly plant after their successful TransLution implementation in the roll shop. Using the TransLution software allows Melco to use a very simple scanning process to perform multiple complex transactions in Syspro. With a single scan at a single point in the line, TransLution goes back through all the previous job operations and ensures that all the relevant material issues and labour postings are done for each stage of the job.

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Greenbelt Fertilisers in Southern Africa has implemented the AGRIS agri-business software for their grain and fertilizer operations in Africa. Business information from plants in Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania is transported daily to the group’s head office in Lusaka. AGRIS software supports not only their business accounting information but also stores customer soil test data used to optimize crop nutrient requirements and fertilizer product blending.

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There have been various requests both to post data that has not been scanned (such as purely financial transactions from a third party source) or even to view scanned data, confirm its validity and make required changes before posting to Syspro. As a result we have introduced the concept of Syspro posting from TL Selector.

When defining a TL Selector grid, we have the option of also specifying the Business Object that will be used to post the data to Syspro and to map selected columns to the Business Object tags. The user can then view the data in TL Selector, select which rows to modify and even change data in certain columns and then post the data to Syspro.

We have moved the external TL Selector application to the touch screen product allowing the flexibility of TL Selector to be used on the shop floor. In addition to the product now being embedded and licensed with TransLution there have been some new features added and various enhancements have been made.

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In addition to our existing scale support for Checkweigh functions, we have released support for serial communications to various scales thereby allowing the software to be used not only to acquire data from barcode scanners but to read data directly from scales. This allows the product to be used in production processes where the tracking of product mass and production losses and gains is of importance.

For more information please contact us on info@afrisoft.biz or +27118035854

Afrisoft is pleased to announce the release of Touch Screen support by the TransLution product. The TransLution software can be run on a touch screen and in conjunction with a wedge scanner provides an excellent solution to data collection or transaction posting in a production or manufacturing environment.

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Everyone knows using bar-code scanning for recording stock movement in the warehouse or on the factory floor improves accuracy and reduces losses. Until now the problem has been that implementing a scanning system was time consuming, complicated and far too costly.

All that has changed… We can have your new TransLution EazyScan system up and running in as little as ONE DAY and at a cost well below what others offer.

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The TL Selector application in very simple terms displays the results of any SQL view on a form. The view name can be passed to the application meaning that any number of instances can be run, each showing a different set of information. There are filter options which match each column in the grid to allow the user to reduce the amount of data that is displayed.

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The TransLution Check Weigh application was developed specifically to assist with the check weighing of parcels created as part of the TransLution sales order checking process.

It can however be used to weigh any package and confirm that the expected weight does not differ from the actual weight by more than a predefined tolerance amount. The tolerance calculation can be done using either a percentage or an absolute value and the software supports different values for the upper and lower tolerance limits. The scale weight is read directly from the scale and does not require any user data entry.

Please call Afrisoft on +27 11 803 5854 for more information.

Afrisoft has released a new version of it’s Query Tool product which offers a number of significant new features and new standard queries for Agris.

While a number of the new enhancements are focussed on improving the product usability for Agris users, the extended security features and the addition of embedded buttons are features that will offer benefits to all users of the product.

Afrisoft has released a new PO receiving module for TransLution that is fully integrated with Syspro using the PO business objects. This module supports a range of different receiving options including

Receiving standard items
Receiving standard items using a reference number
Receiving lot traceable items (with expiry date)
Receiving standard items linked to a job
Receiving standard items linked to a job also using a reference number

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Afrisoft has released the first of a series of white papers explaining some of the key features and benefits of TransLution. This white paper focuses specifically on some of the power and flexibility offered by the TransLution scanning software. This software is so flexible that it can even be used in applications that bear no relation to TransLution or even warehousing and manufacturing implementations.

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Are you interested in implementing a scanning system but you are not sure where to start? Are all the buzzwords and catchphrases just too confusing and unclear? Afrisoft has released a white paper intended to remove some of the mystery and introduce some of the important concepts around barcodes and barcode scanning in a clear and easy to read manner. The information supplied here relates to barcodes and barcode scanning only and applies to any environment not only TransLution implementations.

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Unigrain Commodities, Randfontein, South Africa implemented a new business software system today. Unigrain operates a commodity trading company that includes operations from various points across South Africa. A key part of the new system is AGRIS agri-business industry leading software from John Deere AGRI Services, USA including AGRIS commodity software that manages forward contracts, SAFEX positions, stocks, transport costs, supplier payments and customer billing. The Deere financial software consolidates Unigrain business transactions into AGRIS debtors, creditors, cash book and general ledger on one technology platform.

Unigrain chose AfriSoft because they understand agri-business and they are the local experts when it comes to using AGRIS software. AfriSoft designed and built a Traders Deal Sheet and Payment Advisor applications that “bolt on” to the AGRIS software. These specialized software applications were developed to meet specific Unigrain requirements and they offer streamlined workflow for Unigrain staff as well as business controls deemed to be critical to the Unigrain business.

Company Background:

AfriSoft Africa (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1998 to serve the specialised needs of agribusiness, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies. AfriSoft provides consulting services for business improvement and distributes, implements and supports TransLution™, AGRIS™ and other business improvement software in Africa.