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AFGRI Limited, Lusaka, Zambia

AFGRI Limited, Lusaka, Zambia began use of their AGRIS software system today. The new system includes AGRIS agri-business industry leading software from John Deere AGRI Services, USA. AGRIS is a fully integrated software system encompassing forward contracts, SAFEX, commodity shipments, stock management, point-of-sale invoicing, weighbridge automation plus related financial systems for debtors, creditors, bank/cash management and general ledger on one software platform.

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Atlas Trading and Shipping, Durban, South Africa

Atlas Trading and Shipping, Durban, South Africa launched their new business software system today. Atlas Trading and Shipping operates a commodity trading company with an international scope. Atlas is one of the leading import companies for feed ingredients into South Africa as well as exporters of local commodities into the interior of Southern Africa. The Atlas business includes commodity trading activities in South America, North America, the Mediterranean region and the Far East.

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Premier Foods Choose AfriSoft

Premier Foods Upgrades Software Systems

Premier Foods has selected AfriSoft Africa (Pty) Ltd to provide and implement new software systems used for grain procurement, SAFEX contracts, grain receiving and grain stock management.

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SASKO Malmesbury selects TransLution Mill Manager

RIVONIA SOUTH AFRICA (October, 2005) – AfriSoft Africa (Pty) Ltd recently announced that the SASKO Milling and Baking Group is installing TransLution Mill Manager as it’s product tracking system for its milling operation in Malmesbury.

This announcement follows hotly on the heels of the completion of the system at South Africa’s biggest flour mill; SASKO Klerksdorp. “We are of course delighted that TransLution is being installed at the Malmesbury Mill”, says Russell Kleyn, Director of Afrisoft Africa. Russell also comments, “The business benefit derived from the utilization of TransLution at the Klerksdorp operation has been significant. It stands testament to both the quality of our product and our commitment to the client”.

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Ingham’s Enterprise Chooses AfriSoft and AGRIS for New Grain Procurement and Risk Management Software

RIVONIA SOUTH AFRICA (October, 2005) – AfriSoft Africa (Pty) Ltd recently announced agreement with Ingham’s Enterprise for the implementation of AGRIS Commodity Management software in their grain procurement group. Ingham’s is the largest poultry producer in Australia where they consume over 1 million tons of grain materials annually for use in the production of animal feeds. AGRIS Commodity Management software is part of a new Ingham’s initiative focused on improving price risk management for grains and related materials by providing Ingham’s with advanced system capabilities for grains contracting, pricing, hedging and position management.

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