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The internet of things in warehousing and logistics

Written by: Greta Froise (CPIM, CSCP), Managing Consultant, Bizzco

Like it or not, we are living in a connected world which is not only changing the way that we live and work, but also the world around us.

The ‘Fourth’ Industrial Revolution has begun on a global level, promising a radical change in the supply chain technologies that are necessary to support the inventory management and distribution processes of probably all industries that are driven by a customer demand for increasingly faster delivery.

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5 Ways to Improve Warehouse Operations

Operations within a warehouse are critical to smooth and efficient sales cycles. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint methods for improving operations and productivity.

These 5 tips will help you find the areas that should be focused on for improvement.

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Warehouse staff shortages make logistics and supply chain automation an imperative

In an article on, Darren Wildman, Vice-President of UK-based Asset Management at Apex Supply Chain Technologies talks about how there are widening resource gaps in warehousing and distribution.

This interesting article looks at how automation has become a critical priority in ensuring the maximisation of existing staff efficiency.

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4 Material Handling Tips to Make Manufacturing Warehousing More Efficient

To make manufacturing warehousing more efficient and more profitable, materials must be managed proficiently. Ensuring a well-structured warehouse, correct stock management and shipments, and well-organised handling can all go a long way in improving efficiency of your manufacturing processes and ultimately the bottom line of your business.

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How data analysis can improve manufacturing

data analysisAn article from McKinsey & Company looks at how manufacturers taking advantage of advanced analytics can reduce process flaws, saving both time and money.

“Many global manufacturers in a range of industries and geographies now have an abundance of real-time shop-floor data and the capability to conduct such sophisticated statistical assessments. They are taking previously isolated data sets, aggregating them, and analyzing them to reveal important insights.”

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