Afrisoft Africa – working with Agiboo to deliver world class trading solutions

Afrisoft Africa works with Agiboo’s Agiblocks CTRM, the first Commodity Trade and Risk Management software solution, to deliver simplified commodities trading systems to customers. 


– Do professional commodity trading?
– Require flexibility and scalability from a commodities trading system?

Do you have problems with:

– Analyzing vast amounts of market data and news to make informed decisions?
– Human errors in executing trades, leading to financial losses.?
– Delayed or inefficient trade execution, resulting in missed opportunities or losses.?
– Monitoring multiple markets and positions simultaneously?

Afrisoft and Agiboo provide the winning combination to improve your commodities trading processes.

What is AGIBLOCKS Software?

Agiblocks is a powerful and agile software solutions for commodity trade and risk management.

Agiblocks software supports trading management as well as financial management from the same source of data and within the same easily accessible application. Its modular structure allows you to implement an end-to-end solution or to select individual functions to implement only the functions you need.

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“Agiblocks has unique features that are a hugely beneficial fit to the type of clients we typically work for. P&L, Foreign Exchange, transport logistics, contracting and reporting – it’s all quite significant, and all of it make it a very interesting prospect.”

Francois Stander, Afrisoft Africa 


In addition to selling and implementing AGRIS software, Afrisoft has specially designed modules to further improve the AGRIS functionality.

Benefits of Afrisoft & Agiboo

Detailed insight and full control

No more

Complete commodity trade management

Easy to use

Sophisticated risk management

Easy to implement
and adapt


Contact Afrisoft for a complete assessment of your processes and to find out how
and Agiboo software can help.