Did you know that you cannot simply scan a South African drivers licence and read the data?

The barcode on the South African drivers licence is one of the few that has a strong encryption in the barcode. This means that it isn’t just possible to scan the driver’s licence and access the information.

Afrisoft is pleased to announce the release of a module for the TransLution™ Android platform that allows you to scan and decrypt the driver’s licence barcode, allowing TransLution™ to access the name and ID number of the driver as well as the Licence Number and the issue date.

You can embed driver’s licence scanning directly into your standard TransLution™ business process. So, for example, when dispatching loads, in addition to scanning the items onto the truck and scanning the load sheet, you can now quickly and easily log the name of the driver as well.

For receipts, at the gate drivers licences can be scanned along with licence disks and delivery note numbers.

Feel free to contact your Afrisoft representative if you are interested in taking advantage of this new feature.