We at Afrisoft know the importance of data in business processes. But we often find that organisations don’t know how to take full advantage of the data they have available and miss out on its potential value.

The key to success is knowing what metrics to measure and how to use them to create improvements in organisational processes.

To offer a solution to our clients, Afrisoft works with operational analysis and processes expert Grant Wise. Grant works directly with our clients, assisting them to identify, utilise and analyse key metrics captured by TransLution. By efficiently analysing their data, clients are able to make continual improvements to systems, processes and workflows and maximise their investment.

In the coming months, Grant will be talking about metrics, data and analysis and how to efficiently utilise them to make improvements to your organisation. His first article looks at what metrics are and why they are important.

Please contact Grant if you would like to discuss how you can use your data to better streamline your processes. Email him on gwise@afrisoft.biz