We have worked closely with our clients throughout the year to resolve operational and production inefficiencies, tailoring software solutions to work within existing factory processes. As part of this process we have received some wonderful feedback.

“Checking and returns are working much better. Before we had to double check everything on the system. The new way is accurate and faster because there is less guessing.” – Fana Maswanganye, Tevo.

“Setup can take time but if you make use of the system properly, it’s worth every second. The TransLution™™ system gives me a much better grip on what’s happening on the factory floor. It’s not the kind of information you could have unless you were able to personally be at every machine during every step of the manufacturing process.” – Manie Paulsen, Production Foreman, Melco

“We have learned a number of things as the rollout happened and have evolved the system to work around us.”

“The staff have been very enthusiastic about the process. The staggered rollout created a level of status among checkers – they wanted to be the first to be upgraded to a computerised system and approached it with great eagerness.” Mignonne Smith, Financial Manager, Splashworks (PTY) Ltd.

“The ability to track and validate designs in each point during the process is invaluable. The success of document tracking influences the success of production of our final products.”- Devon Dippenaar, Export Sales Administrator, Melco.