AFGRI Limited, Lusaka, Zambia began use of their AGRIS software system today. The new system includes AGRIS agri-business industry leading software from John Deere AGRI Services, USA. AGRIS is a fully integrated software system encompassing forward contracts, SAFEX, commodity shipments, stock management, point-of-sale invoicing, weighbridge automation plus related financial systems for debtors, creditors, bank/cash management and general ledger on one software platform.

AFGRI Limited operates grain storage and handling businesses at two locations, a commodity trading business, they are a John Deere farm equipment dealer and they offer crop financing for grain producers. Their AGRIS implementation includes oneWeigh weighbridge automation software used at each of the silo locations for recording of grain shipments/receipts and for grading of grain. Their Deere farm equipment business includes two workshops and two spares stores in addition to sales of new and used tractors, harvesters and other farm equipment all operating AGRIS software complainants. The AGRIS financial management software manages the crop finance accounts as well as all other debtors, creditors, cash book and general ledger functions for the business.

AFGRI Limited chose AfriSoft because the understand agri-business and they are the local experts when it comes to using AGRIS software.


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