Comprehensive technological solutions for effective recording and tracking of samples and products, improving quality and traceability, and ensuring compliance.

Quality and traceability are important to the production and manufacture of any product. Companies today are sensitive to the responsibility they bear to the consumer to deliver not only reliable quality but also to support proper product labelling, tracking and product recalls when necessary.

Effective recording and tracking of samples and products improves both quality and traceability, and can ensure compliance. Afrisoft Africa offers expert solution in the improvement of quality and traceability in all sectors.

How we do it

By customising comprehensive solutions that utilise a combination of hardware and software, we are able to improve tracking and help you to address quality and traceability issues. Specific to the food industry, we are able to address the various requirements need to be satisfied, including legislation compliance. The need to manage quality is, however, not limited to the food industry and we have experience working with customers to capture quality data in a variety of manufacturing environments; from FMCG through Steel Products, to managing the quality of commodities in trading environments.

Manual recording of samples and test results on clipboards and spreadsheets is often inaccurate and subject to operator manipulation. Our solutions remove inaccuracies and allow the entire manufacture and quality control process to be tracked, recorded and reported on.

Afrisoft works with you to assist in defining processes that ensure consistency in sample taking, accuracy of test data, and makes test results available to operations staff outside the laboratory.

We also develop a solid understanding of both your business processes and your data structures in order to help you to build your compliance reports and documentation. A deep understanding of your business data and how to make it easily accessible to a range of users assists not only in day to day management of production processes but also in handling issues such as product traceability and recalls.

No matter your requirements, Afrisoft will work with you to create a system that not only improves your quality and traceability, but that fits within your organisation.

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If you have quality and traceability challenges, or you would just like to improve your process flow, contact us to talk about how we can help you.