Prilla 2000, a 100% cotton spinning mill, has implemented Translution™ Software to automatically update Cotton SA’s Sustainable Cotton Cluster (SCC) programme through iQ™ Logistica on its receiving and use of cotton bales.

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G.Fox utilises TransLution™ Software for Stock Checking

G.Fox, a premier supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), cleaning chemicals, paper products, and industrial consumable supplies, has implemented TransLution™ Software to check the organisation’s physical stock against the SYSPRO inventory picture.

In this initial implementation, the G.Fox user scans a barcode which is stored in a custom field in SYSPRO and uses that information to retrieve the Stock Code. TransLution™ then responds by showing the Stock Code on the screen. This code is also found on the item label, allowing the user to alert a supervisor if there is a mismatch. If the inventory item has not been received into SYSPRO, the user is able to see that from the error that is displayed.

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TransLution™ Software USA improves Purchase Order Receiving and Bin Transfers for American Printing House for the Blind

TransLution™ Software USA has been working with American Printing House for the Blind (APH) to implement a scanning system that integrated with the organization’s existing SYSPRO system. The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) was founded in Louisville to develop and produce educational materials and provide services for people who are blind and visually impaired.

While APH has been running SYSPRO for a number of years, their decision to implement a scanning system was based on the need to increase stock accuracy and update SYSPRO in real time.

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WP Timbers implements TransLution™ Software for inventory management

WP Timbers, one of the leading suppliers of Pine Products in the Northern Cape, utilises Translution™ to effectively and accurately manage stock.

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SAMIL uses TransLution™ Software to track product movements

SAMIL is an innovative South African Company that specialises in the production and processing of natural fibres, as well as speciality spun yarns.

SAMIL operations comprise a factory and two warehouses which are located slightly apart from each other. This distance was one of the deciding factors in SAMIL choosing to implement TransLution™ Software.

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Robertson Winery utilises TransLution™ to complete job receipts with lots

Robertson Winery, one of South Africa’s foremost wine farms, also completes contract packaging and bottling.

At Robertson, TransLution™ is used to do job receipts with lots. Robertson prints their own pallet labels and TransLution™ scans these pallets to receipt the item. The lot is put on hold as soon as it is receipted.

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Analysing Metrics to Continually Improve Business

We at Afrisoft know the importance of data in business processes. But we often find that organisations don’t know how to take full advantage of the data they have available and miss out on its potential value.

The key to success is knowing what metrics to measure and how to use them to create improvements in organisational processes.

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Staff News – Charl Steyn Introduction

This month we are introducing another valued member of the Afrisoft team: Charl Steyn and putting a face to the name….

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Microsoft end of life for support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld

Microsoft will soon reach its end of life for support for the Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld. Beginning in 2018 through 2020, Microsoft will phase out their support of various Windows Embedded Operating Systems.

Since most rugged devices are currently running these systems, it is a good time to begin to plan to move to other operating systems as you start to replace your older handhelds.

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Tracking Labour with TransLution Software

Tracking labour in real time is a key component of successful organisational management. TransLution™ Labour Tracking can track both productive and non-productive time in real time.

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