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Afrisoft Africa deploys TransLution™ Software to assist St Leger & Viney with textiles warehouse management

St Leger & Viney is the leading distributor of decorative fabrics and wallcoverings to South Africa’s design industry professionals. As demand for their products has grown they began developing their own unique material with mills and weavers from around the world. The large quantities of fabric stock moving through the warehouse requires accurate receiving, dye batch management, tracking and distribution. Afrisoft Africa deployed TransLution™ Software to address the challenges faced by St Leger & Viney in their warehouse.

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TransLution™ improves sales order and returns checking functions for Tevo

translution-cs-tevo-thumbTevo is a major South African retailer specialising in the sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality products. With customers across the country and a multitude of products, this extensive operation faces multiple challenges in distribution. Afrisoft Africa deployed TransLution™ Software to address these challenges by improving the organisation’s sales order checking and returns checking functions.

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