AGRIS and Afrisoft – The Winning Combination for Agribusiness

Afrisoft Africa combines AGRIS software and specialised addons for complete technological solutions for the agricultural industry.
Integrate your financial information and business operations to measurably improve your business.


– Do commodity trading, storage, milling, or processing?
– Supply feed, fertilizer, equipment, supplies and services to farmers?

Do you have problems with:

– Communication, accuracy, customer service or efficiency?
– Management of customer accounts, business processes or grain processing?
– Finding out what is delaying production? Materials? Resources? Labour?
– Keeping track of inventory information?

Afrisoft and AGRIS provide the winning combination to improve your agricultural business processes.

What is AGRIS Software?

AGRIS business software is the most complete and mature product available for agribusiness. AGRIS provides Afrisoft customers with a single, integrated set of financial modules for management of procurement, sales, contracts, weighbridge automation, commodity grading, stock management, hedge positions, fertilizer blending, manufacturing and packing, payments, creditors, debtors, cash book and company financial statements.

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“We have a large commodity trading business that utilises AGRIS and Afrisoft products. Our traders work from offices across the country managing offers and trades in Traders Deal Sheet. Our administrative staff use Shipment Manager, Payment Advisor and Integration Manager to cope with the huge volume of shipments and payments we process daily. Accounting staff rely on automated Fair Value and GL Adjustment processes to reduce time to close at month end. Afrisoft’s assistance was essential to our implementation of AGRIS.” AFGRI Trading, Centurion, South Africa


In addition to selling and implementing AGRIS software, Afrisoft has specially designed modules to further improve the AGRIS functionality.

Afrisoft Trader Deal Sheet

Improve trader productivity, using the Trader Deal Sheet instead of spreadsheets to calculate, save and communicate offers to counter-parties, eliminating inconsistent calculations between traders and delays in recording contract data in AGRIS.
Efficiency for managers and traders

Afrisoft Shipment Manager

Manage large volumes of shipment information and shipment tickets seamlessly with Afrisoft Shipment Manager and AGRIS, processing data more quickly and reducing errors.
Efficiency for logistics staff and managers

Afrisoft Payment Advisor

Payment advisor streamlines the payment process by allowing you to select large groups of payment vouchers for supervisor approval and then integrating payments directly with the bank and the AGRIS Accounts Payable System.
Efficiency for payables clerks and managers

Afrisoft Document Manager

Electronically record, manage and store large volumes of documents which may be recalled to create business agreements and integrated with AGRIS for specific requirements.
Efficiency for data capture clerks and managers

Afrisoft Integration Manager

The Afrisoft Integration Manager automates bi-directional exchange of data between AGRIS and other software systems and provides an integration dashboard for tracking and management flow.
Efficiency for IT managers

Afrisoft Data Conversion

Validate and convert data and files from third-party sources for use with AGRIS, quickly integrating different data sets.
Efficiency for administrators and managers

Afrisoft Month-End Processing

Automate processes used in commodity trading, such as settlement adjustments and fair value calculations, and integrates the results into AGRIS General Ledger.
Efficiency for trading managers and finance managers

Afrisoft Custom Reporting

The Afrisoft Custom Reporting tool is customised to your reporting requirements and simply provides reports not otherwise readily available from the AGRIS system.
Efficiency for all users


Contact Afrisoft for a complete assessment of your processes and to find out how
and AGRIS software can help.