Afrisoft is expanding its service offering to TransLution™ clients. Grant Wise has joined the team to assist TransLution™ clients to improve operations within their business.

Our customers are successfully using TransLution™ to gather data and integrate it with the ERP system so that financial and operational reporting is aligned, reconcilable and reliable. By teaming up with Grant, we are now able to extend this functionality, offering front line operators visibility through graphs, reports and dashboards with actionable metrics to improve their performance.

Most systems that aim to offer business improvements through data visibility utilise a ‘top-down’ approach. Executive management will define the measures based on financial metrics and business goals. However, we believe in empowering front-line operations to fix issues as and when they happen, before the issue gets to senior management level. This approach yields faster results and ROI.

Through continuous improvement and adjustment, starting at shop floor level, we aim to assist companies to not only improve existing processes but to continue to improve efficiencies by seeing new opportunities along the way.

About Grant Wise

Grant has over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and a background in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. He has worked with numerous organisations to expose and highlight the hidden inefficiencies that cost money and limit throughput as a result of lost production, wasteful material usage, process variability and poor quality. His solutions aim to expose the hidden factory, increasing output, improving quality, and customer service, by providing accurate information and insights.

If you are interested in discussing your business operations with Grant and unlocking more value from your initial TransLution™ investment, please click here.