Supreme Poultry, a division of Country Bird Holdings, is the third largest producer and supplier of quality chicken products in South Africa. It serves key restaurant chains including KFC, Nandos and Famous Brands.

Country Bird utilises a highly specialised product to develop the formulations for their animal feed. The software allows them to manage the specific protein and other requirements of their animals. However, the lack of a native integration system to pass the formulation details so SYSPRO presented a challenge.

Country Bird therefore employed Afrisoft Africa to solve this problem by using DataSwitch. DataSwitch is a system integration and data manipulation tool that enables businesses to integrate their business tools and automate processes.

Afrisoft redesigned the system to export the formula to a file once it has been created. The DataSwitch software then cleans the file, checks for errors and irregularities, and process the data into SYSPRO as a Bill of Materials. This can then be used to procure materials required for the feed and to manage the manufacturing process in SYSPRO using SYSPRO jobs.

One of the key benefits of this system is that no user interface required. Other than the Format user selecting to export the completed formula, processing takes place in the background and new Bills appear in SYSPRO as soon as they are fully checked and validated.


Afrisoft Africa (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1998 to serve the specialised needs of agribusiness, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies. Afrisoft provides consulting services for business improvement and distributes, implements and supports TransLution, AGRISand other business improvement software in Africa.

DataSwitch is a purpose built system integration and data manipulation tool that enables businesses to become more e­fficient through automating processes. By automating processes with DataSwitch you can interact more quickly, in more agile ways and more efficiently with both customers and suppliers.